Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog Post #12: Globetrotter

If you could go on a trip to any one location in the world for one month, where would it be and why? Write (in a numbered list) five reasons you would want to travel to this place. (This could be five activities you want to do while there)


  1. Jessica TornoApril 06, 2010

    If I could go on trip to anywhere in the world, it would be to the Philippines. Why?
    1. I have never been there.
    2. I have never been across the world.
    3. I have godmothers and godfathers there that I haven't seen before.
    4. I'd probably get skinny there.
    5. I want to experience life there, and I want to know what its like to be in a country full of Filipinos, because I am :)

  2. Rochelle RApril 06, 2010

    If I could go on a trip to any one location of the world for one month would probably be South Korea because I love the culture.

    Five things I would do there would be to:

    1. Look at all the sites that I have seen in some Korean dramas I have watched.
    2. Take pictures of all of the sites I've seen.
    3. Go shopping.
    4. Visit my aunt in Seoul.
    5. Eat and try new foods.

  3. Leiela kapewa-LatuApril 06, 2010


    1. I LOVE IT THERE: Full of activities!
    2. THE BEACHES: too beautiful!
    3. THE VIBE: it's just way different.
    4. THE WEATHER: to die for!
    5. THE SHOPPING: beautiful things. Outside malls! BIG MALLS!

  4. If I could go any where in the world for a month I would go to Osaka, Japan.
    1. The food like in fresh sushi, ramen, and other good stuff like that.
    2. The shopping because of all the cool fashion.
    3. The sites because of all the different cultural stuff.
    4. Looking at tech stuff and watching Japanese TV
    5. sell pokemon cards.

  5. felicia anselmoApril 06, 2010

    If I could go on a trip to anywhere in the world, I would go to Italy.
    1. I want to go there because I want to show off my Italian language skills.
    2. I want to go on the gondola boats in Venice.
    3. I want to try THEIR spaghetti and see the differences between Italian spaghetti and American spaghetti.
    4. I want to visit the famous colosseum.
    5. I want to visit Verona, Italy where Romeo and Juliet was set.

  6. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Paris. Why do I want to go to Paris? Well, because it’s the high fashion place in the entire world. It’s filled with fashion divas, amazing designers, and where the infamous croissant was born. Fashion is something that I’m really interested in and I would love to have a chance to get inspiration from those high end designers. There are also fashion shows, and tons of places to visit. It would keep me busy for a month.

  7. if i could go on a trip to any location in the world for one month, it would be Greece.

    1. The weather. It is really hot and nice in the summer all the time.
    2. There are beautiful mountains and alot of natural places to visit.
    3. There are gorgeous beaches.
    4. I bet the food is delicious.
    5. Alot of people say it is a place that will change your life. so i would want to go there just to see how it changes my life.

  8. If I could go anywhere for a month I would probably would want to go to Brazil. I would want to go there because to me it has everything that would interest me when I travel. It has a resort and beach, if I were to stay on the coast. There is the rainforest, which I would enjoy because I love nature. And all of the culture that it has as well as all of the good food it has to offer.
    1. Relaxing at the hotel resort
    2. Hanging out at the beach
    3. Go to nature and visit the rain forest
    4. Seeing the cultures that brazil has to offer
    5. And eating all of the delicious food.

  9. audelzarcoApril 06, 2010

    i would like to too brazil
    1. it looks like a really fun place
    2. i want to learn their language
    3. i love to party and the have partys alot
    4. its very tropical
    5. ita a warm weather

  10. Neriel RebolosanApril 06, 2010

    If I could go on a trip to any one location in the world for one month, I would take a trip all around the Philippines because:
    1. I was born in the Philippines.
    2. I have families that live there.
    3. To experience how life is in the Philippines even though the Economy is going bad, and maybe try helping them out.
    4. I never went back there ever since I left there somewhere on November, 1996.
    5. To take a break and relax.

  11. If I could go to one place in the world for one month would be Japan, why because:
    1. The first reason I would want to go is that I am part Japanese and some of my family members use to live there and it would be awesome to see were my family grow up.
    2. Japan seems like the coolest place to go for a whole month and it seems like alot of fun.
    3. I always loved Japanese culture and found it very interesting so I would love to be there apart of that culture and see all the customs they have.
    4. I would love to learn how to speak Japanese
    5. And go to the Miyajima island in Japan because my last name is Miyajima too so I think that would be so cool.

  12. If I could go to any one place in the world, I would go to Great Britain.

    1) Even though they speak English, they also have an accent and pronounce some words differently. They also use different slang from us Americans. It would almost be like hearing a new language, except it is still English.

    2) I vividly remember my second grade teacher talking about visiting Britain once, and although she didn’t exactly name off a lot of places, she did make it sound interesting.

    3) It’s in Europe. I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, except I don’t really want to visit a country where I can’t ask for directions without sounding like an idiot. Thankfully, the British speak English anyway.

    4) Bragging rights. I get to show off to people, “Hah, I went to Britain once and you didn’t!” Immature, but worth every minute.

    5) I’ve never been there in my life before, so it would be nice to go to a foreign country that I’ve never been in before and see some new sights.

  13. Well if I could go anywhere in the world and money was no object I think it would be Baja Mexico to go down there I could go to Baja places like Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada, Cancun and all the other beautiful places in Baja Mexico. Some of the things that I would do in these places is go snorkeling and watch as all the brightly colored fish swim by me. Another thing that I would love to do is go water ski in the water that would be so much fun. Also I would like to just simply go enjoy the crystal blue water and relax. Besides being on the amazing beach I would like to go sightseeing and eat at an authentic Mexican resturant were the flavors of Mexico bust in your mouth. These are just a few of the things that I would love to do there its truly is a wonderful place and I would go again without any hesitation.

  14. i would go to Mexico.
    1.Visit my Family
    2.Play soccer
    3.Visit a Soccer stadium
    4.buy lots of stuff
    5.eat alot

  15. If i could go to any one location for a month, i think i would have to go to Italy, though Japan is in a very close secod.
    1) I am for some odd reason fascinated by the Italian culture: their food, language, sports, art, etc.
    2) I would go watch an Inter Milan soccer game if i had the chance.
    3) I would eat the best food italian food possible being that i would be in Italy, and not to mention Italian food is my favorite cuisine.
    4) I would visit art museuems that showcase the art of famous Italian artists such as Da Vinci, Michealangelo, etc.
    5) And i would also have to visit the Sistine Chapel.

  16. Patricia E.April 06, 2010

    If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to the Philippines because:
    1. I have family relatives there, who I miss terribly and I would love to visit them.
    2. I love staying at my aunt’s house, because she has a nice home.
    3. My neighbors are my cousins also, and I would sleep over at their house and we would have a lot of fun watching movies and telling stories.
    4. I miss my pets that used to live with me in the Philippines. I have many cats and dogs there.
    5. I want to see my grandfather in Laguna. I’m really close to him and it’s sad that I don’t get to see him every day.

  17. khyrstyn pApril 06, 2010

    If I could go anywhere in the world for one month it would probably be to Greece because all of my favorite myths were in that culture.

    1) First I would tour the locations of the old city-states.
    2) Then I would try some of the food there, just to see what it's like.
    3) After that I would vist all the gods' and goddess' temples and pay my respects.
    4) I would also try and see all of the great works of art in their museums.
    5) The very last thing I would do is to go see the Parthenon and the temple of the goddess Artemis before leaving.

  18. I would like to go to Miami, Florida. I would really like to go when it's nice and hot out there because I love the weather. I have family that lives over there and I think that it would be nice to visit them. I also have a thing for beaches. I love the water and I would be in the beach all day. I think Miami would be a great place to tour around. It would be fun to shop around to. If i was in Florida then I would also go to Disney World. Another thing that sounds fun is to go to party's with my cousins and maybe even party's with the family. We could all have a nice bond time together.

  19. if I could go on a trip anywhere for month it would have to be… Pennsylvania to go see one of the most important people in my life...Maddie C. I miss her terribly and I would do anything to see her for a month or even just a day…5 things I’d do is
    1. Take her out
    2. Go to the mall
    3. Listen to music
    4. Hang out
    5. Do what we used to